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Why Terrapin Consulting?

You may ask, “Why Terrapin Consulting?” Why, because, we specialize in “Growing philanthropy.”

Terrapin encourages its clients to consider four innovations:

  1. Serve as “a community change agent.” Collaborate with “natural partner” agencies outside your NPO in new relationships to generate transformational change and to enhance your mission and outreach.
  2. Use technology to improve engagement and outreach, segment communications, enhance productivity, ensure accuracy and streamline operations.
  3. Encourage innovation in your projects and daily operational structures to differentiate your NPO.
  4. Assess your NPO’s leadership and operations annually to encourage flexibility, to seek creative solutions, to address the challenges of the New Economy and to continue to grow the capacity of your NPO.

When Terrapin Consulting assists you and your NPO, we become your partner. We provide a strategy and solution customized for your fundraising need.

With a 48+ years of fundraising experience among its consultants, Terrapin brings experience, success and innovation to your campaign and philanthropic needs.

We can help in many ways:

  • Cultivate awareness of your NPO’s mission

  • Prune overhead expenses

  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Harvest strategic goals

  • Grow your organization, staff and leadership

  • Nurture prospects
  • Foster board members and volunteers

  • Dig you out of a hole

  • Swell your planned giving

  • Breed new grants

  • Plow new ground

  • Strengthen your database

Terrapin specialties include community and NPO needs assessment, strategic planning, campaign research and management, planned giving and technology applications to enhance campaign results and to define donor motivations.

In the current fluid economic environment, Terrapin recommends that its clients collaborate among like kind not-for-profit organizations to maximize your opportunities, and Terrapin has success in this arena.