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Today’s continuing economic challenges impact all NPOs. A unique service that Terrapin offers is the “how to” be collaborative, achieve greater efficiency and become more effective in building your staff and board capacity, your delivery services and achieving your mission.

The services Terrapin Consulting offers are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Internal Readiness Audit
  • Feasibility Study (Pre-Campaign)
  • Case Statement Design and Content
  • Board Capacity Building and Training
  • Annual campaign strategy and management
  • Marketing and branding
  • Fundraising Campaign Design and Management
  • Grant research, representation, writing and reporting
  • Events planning and management
  • Online and Social Networking Innovation
  • Major Gifts Research and Strategy
  • Planned Giving
  • Comprehensive or Capital Campaign Management
  • Technology Support
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Professional Staff Search
  • Donor database Creation and Management

Our services range from 501(c)(3) start-up status, to needs assessments, database inventory, readiness audits, pre-campaign studies, campaign management, annual and online giving planning and sophisticated planned giving programs, and more. Terrapin Consulting can even help you find the right people to run your office and its various components.

A special service that Terrapin offers is the “how to” be collaborative and achieve greater efficiency while at the same time be more effective in services delivered.  We also help our clients grow the diversity and capacity of their volunteer base and leadership.

Why your campaign needs more than a consultant; a partner

You will find that your Terrapin partner is a highly-trained professional with extensive experience in motivating not-for-profits to succeed by defining your market niche, your “giving constituencies” and charting your course and strategy to achieve a successful campaign.

Walt and our associates are “invested” and “embedded” with our clients and build a personal bond with the staff and volunteers of your organization to provide seamless support – we become embedded in your fundraising goals and campaign.

As with our past clients, you will find Walt accessible and eager to provide day-to-day support. We know you are not just hiring a company – you are hiring a person to serve your not-for-profit.  As your partner, we will be there for whatever it takes. 

Why Terrapin?

  1. Terrapin works at no more than eight campaigns each year to provide for personalized site visits and weekly coordination.
  2. Walt and our associates work under a letter of agreement that is flat-fee-based, with no surprises.  It outlines our terms of service and the deliverables that our client should expect.
  3. We share our experiences with your staff and volunteers in training and role-playing sessions.
  4. Terrapin specializes in helping you gather quality information on which to build your campaign strategy, calendar and budget.
  5. Terrapin customizes your campaign based on the research – readiness audit, needs assessment, strategic plan and Pre-Campaign Study findings.
  6. Terrapin remains abreast of fundraising and technology trends to ensure that its clients also remain current and competitive.

Joe Schafer provides a full-service grant support package.  He offers professional, objective grant research, representation and writing. He also provides third-party assessment services.  He is also a specialist in devising and maintaining prospect and donor databases – from scratch.

Dirk Smith provides a full-service campaign management package. He calls on his years of active NPO fundraising to support and lead clients’ staff and board to successful campaigns.

Jeannette Balleza Collins is a marketing specialist and technology innovator. She provides the digital side of support for clients, be it website, social media, video or PowerPoint. Her extensive hands-on experience in media adds a digital perspective to each client’s campaign.